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Frequently Asked Questions

Can boats, trailers or campers be parked / stored on our lot?

No trailers, boats, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, RVs, commercial vehicles may be stored on any lot in the subdivision, longer than 72 hours. As the HOA understands the need for temporary storage, we will follow the timeframe provided by the Farmington Hills city ordinance. (See by-laws)

Can I build a fence on my property?

Please contact the ACC.

Can I cut down a tree on my property?

Meadowbrook Hills, Woods and Forest Trees and Soil Deed Restriction #6

The process for tree removal is as follows (any tree 6” or larger in diameter):

1. No tree which exceeds six (6) inches in diameter shall be removed or cut nor shall surface soil be dug or removed from any lot without the prior consent of the Association or its duly authorized representatives.

2. To request tree removal, email the Meadowbrook Hills HOA ACC or submit a request through the Meadowbrook Hills website under the “Contact Us” tab. Please include your address and as much detail regarding your tree removal as possible i.e. city permit, pictures, map, reason for tree removal.

3. An HOA ACC team member will respond to schedule a property visit.

4. The HOA ACC team will review the request and provide disposition. Whether approved or denied, you will receive the response in writing.

5. If your request is approved, you may schedule the tree removal with your preferred tree removal company and apply for a permit through the city of Farmington Hills. The permit should be stamped by the City as approved and forwarded to the HOA ACC for future reference. If the tree is dead, a city permit may not be required, but the ACC should still be contacted to review the state of the tree.

6. If your request is denied a written appeal can be submitted and the Meadowbrook Hills HOA Board of Directors will review.

7. The most common reasons for tree removal are: storm damage, disease or dying trees, any tree that could pose a threat to your family's safety, any tree that may cause property damage i.e. large root disturbance, leaning in an unsafe manner, etc.

8. All trees removed should be replaced by another physical tree if space and budget allow. Absence of replacement should be discussed with the ACC and requires concurrence. This will be conducted on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate by the ACC.

9. The city of Farmington Hills has a separate set of guidelines that must be followed. Please review the city of Farmington Hills website for details. Tree removal requests and decisions are maintained in the HOA ACC log.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email the board and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation! Many homeowners moved into this subdivision because of our mature trees and wooded areas. We would like to preserve the natural beauty of the Meadowbrook Hills Woods and Forest community!

Can recycling containers be stored in the driveways?

No,  trash, garbage or any other waste shall be kept in sanitary containers and properly concealed from the public view.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Yes, you need a permit from the city and written approval from the HOA if the tree is living and is over 6″ in diameter. A city permit does not grant you the right to remove a tree larger than 6" in diameter. You must have approval from the HOA ACC.

See "Can I cut a tree down on my property FAQ?" for instructions.

Do I need approval for landscaping and permanent structures or additions?

Yes, drawings need to be provided to the ACC Committee for their review per our by-laws.

How much is the HOA fee?

Meadowbrook Forest – $99

Everyone else – $88

Special Assessment applies to all households - $116/year (5 years, 2023-2028)

When are the HOA fees due?

HOA fees are due on April 1st.

For 2024, we've extended the deadline to April 30th.

All payments made after April 30th, will require a $10 late fee. That late fee will be used to improve the neighborhood.

Residents that are not paid in full by June 1st, are subject to a lien filing, and will be responsible for all lien fees.

Where do I send my HOA fees?

You can mail your payments to:

Meadowbrook Hills-Woods-Forest HOA
PO Box 531531
Livonia, MI 48153-1531

You can also pay electronically via Zelle Quickpay or Paypal by using our email address

Paypal payments will require the resident pay a 2% paypal fee. (This is a Paypal requirement, and not an HOA requirement).

*Please remember to provide your street address and contact information, whether you pay electronically or by mail.